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About Pizzeria Pellone Restaurant

2015-04-15 02:09:16 - Posted by Admin

The first restaurant was founded in 1972 by Antonio Pellone and sons. It was an ordinary Pizza restaurant, nothing pretentious, a part from the traditional Neapolitan pizza. the turning point was in 90’s, when Raffaele, the youngest son, with his magic formula (Pellone pizza rise up for approx 8 hours, boast of 300 gr, 0.66lb block, mixed with passion and love)opened the famous pizzeria Pellone di Albarella Anna maria in the Fuorigrotta district . Since then, the name “Pellone” has been famous in and out of town, and mentioned in many guidebooks. the other son, Antonio, named after his grandfather, followed the same passion of his father: he worked as a chef worldwide, even in San Francisco, spreading the Pellone recipe overseas. Nowadays Antonio, 30, with the help of Adry (his sister)and his father’s teachings, is following his passion here in London. Working for passion makes Pellone Pizza a blissful experience

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